Handcrafted fabrics for the home and embroiderable made with ancient shuttle looms of the late nineteenth century.


For three generations all stages of production, from the choice of natural yarns to the fabrication, through the cuts and seams, have been completely made in our laboratory.

Explore all the products of our textile tradition. Sheets, tablecloths, bath towels, furnishing accessories, bags and pillows.

Let your creativity and mastery explode. Travel among our ready-to-stitch products. Aida cloth and cash threads combine tea towels, hand towels and furnishing accessories.

The art is in your hands and needles and scissors have no secrets for you? All our fabrics are at your disposal. Give life to tablecloths, runners in your favorite sizes and much more.


We do not only sell the product itself but the entire production process that is hidden from it. In fact, we are one of the very few textile companies in the world, which still produce fabrics with SHUTTLE LOOMS guided by Jacquard machines with pre-punched cartons. The very low speed that caresses the fiber and the selvedge that closes the two sides of the fabric, allow our ancient laboratory to recreate fabrics that smell of quality, history and tradition.



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Dealers Area

Are you a trader, a company or an association that wants to resell our products? No problem ! We have created a section completely dedicated to you. Thanks to our products and our experience handed down over three generations, you can make a difference in an increasingly globalized market with authentic Made in Italy craftsmanship. 


Tradition and Culture

The daily effort is not only lavished in creating high quality fabrics but also in trying to insert between the weft and the warp that spirit made of history, tradition and culture that accompanies each of our company choices. With this aim, Tessitura Giaquinto boasts numerous collaborations in the socio-cultural field at local, national and international level. Among the most relevant, we could not fail to present two projects that have seen us as protagonists.

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