Rosina Tea Towel

The Rosina tea towel is made of 100% Egyptian cotton both in warp and weft. The peculiarity of this product is the presence of three different jaquard designs in the same product. The base (diamond design) is interspersed twice by a pair of colored Greek frets (roses) that delimit a perfectly regular insert in Aida embroidered canvas that can be cross-stitched recalling the color of the Greek itself.

Available colors: Green, All Rope, Lilac, Rope, Ivory, Tobacco, Blue, Red

Composition: Cotton 100%

Measurements: 80x60 cm

Egyptian "long staple" cotton is a particularly fine cotton that grows only in the Nile River area. From this plantation a very resistant soft yarn is obtained, capable of absorbing the color well and making it more brilliant. The combination with the slow weaving of the GIAQUINTO shuttle looms enhances and amplifies all these characteristics by limiting wear, facilitating ironing and withdrawal after washing.

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