There are four main elements in the appreciation of omega replica watches

Minute repeater is a complicated function in the watch. As a minute repeater watch, it is already relatively tall. I can't say good or bad. It can only be said that the quality of the minute repeater is high or low. The sound quality also depends on personal preference, so when purchasing a three-question meter, how can we identify a better one.

Sound quality can also be called timbre, which refers to the pitch and purity of the sound. The sound pitch of each minute repeater is different. The purer the better, the clear, loud, and mellow timbre is subject to people’s subjectivity. Preference affects; the volume is simply the size of the sound; the rhythm replica watches uk of the three-reply meter is whether the sound starts and ends on time when the time is reported, and whether the sound interval is uniform, the interval is inconsistent or the time is fast and slow may indicate the timing mechanism Defects or malfunctions; the noise of the minute repeater mainly comes from the gear of the movement and the governor of the repeater device. Of course, the smaller the noise, the better.

Although it does not seem difficult to identify and analyze the minute repeater watch, it is very difficult for watchmakers to create a perfect minute repeater watch, because there are too many factors that affect the performance of the minute repeater watch, and the various factors affect each other. At present, the variables cannot be determined, so there is usually no formula to follow in the manufacture of such watches, and it is impossible to apply the variable analysis commonly used in science to the production of the minute repeater. So far, the watchmaking industry has not studied the production of perfect questionnaires. In addition, the minute repeater watch is very sound-conscious, and a good watchmaker also needs to have a good music practice.

In addition, because the mechanical structure of the minute repeater is more complicated, it is an indispensable item for regular maintenance and original factory repair. If you replica watches are going to buy a second-hand minute repeater at a discount, you must carefully check the case, movement, screws, etc., and finally pay It is necessary to carefully test from 12:59, 11:59, and 10:59 hour by hour. Don't be afraid of troubles, so that you can fully check whether the watch is working properly.